SuperIce wants to improve satellite observation of the Arctic sea ice thickness through artificial intelligence!

Brief summary

The resolution of satellite observations of the Arctic sea ice thickness is currently not very high (around 100 km). Having a higher resolution than that is crucial for providing reliable seasonal forecasts and heat flux estimation at the surface. Making use of artificial intelligence techniques and simulations from our sea-ice model neXtSIM will allow us, the SuperIce team, to enhance the spatial resolution of current satellite observations of the Arctic sea ice. This in turn will help improve seasonal forecasts of the sea ice and heat fluxes representation!

The two focus questions are:

  1. Can we improve Arctic sea ice seasonal forecast?
  2. Can we improve climate simulation with a better representation of heat flux through the Arctic sea ice?


SuperIce is funded by the European Space Agency FutureEO programme and supervised by Philab. Here is the ESA SuperIce project page.

Project management

The Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center in Bergen, Norway is leading the SuperIce project.